I was born in Tbilisi, Georgia, a pint-sized country in the heart of the Caucasus with an endearing food-and-wine-obsessed culture. I grew up in Cairo, Egypt where I learned the language and accepted Middle Eastern traditions as my own. Now, I’m in the United States—or more specifically, in sunny California—writing and editing my days away. As a journalist, I’m someone who’s constantly listening and asking questions.

“What an accomplished, powerful writer. Makatsaria brings her subject matter to life with beautiful descriptive imagery and a whole lot of skill. Her subject matter is compelling; I found myself wanting to read more so that I could know more. Incredibly astute at evoking both feelings and a sense of place, Makatsaria has the ability to get to the heart of the matter. Not only that, she’s an inventive and imaginative writer. Such style! With her unique turns of phrase, reading Makatsaria’s work keeps me glued to the page.”

Gold for Best Profile Writing, Gold for Magazine Writer of the Year | 2017 IRMA Awards.

“Mariam’s ‘First Steps’ is a clear standout here, weaving two narratives into a compelling and inspirational tale. But even in her shorter work, her attention to detail and storytelling ability shine.”

Magazine Writer of the Year | 2017 Great Plains Journalism Awards