2018 Design Predictions: Playful walls and other hot design trends, as dictated by social media

Published: laurelandwolf.com

As interior design aficionados, we’re always looking into the horizon for what’s to come, for the latest thing to spruce our homes with. Maybe we’re also antsy to replace those reclaimed wood chairs that were in style this year, but petered out in mere months. So we asked Lori Evans—our resident design guru who has a keen eye for spotting trends—about what to expect going into the new year. Here, we’ve rounded up some predictions for 2018, all of which are heavily influenced by social media and Instagram in particular.

1 – Big, bold colors and patterns

What’s an Instagram feed without generous splashes of color? “Bold colors, pattern on pattern mixing and bold patterns,” says Lori. “Thanks to Instagram, people want to post what they’ve done to their house, and as you know, bold color pops and gets more likes.” High-energy features like a bright mishmash of pillows, geometric prints and eclectic accent pieces attract a slew of comments and likes. Not to mention, Insta-obsessed friends wanting to take advantage of the backdrop.

2 – Insta-worthy walls

Coffee shops, hotels and restaurants have already accepted the idea that a good, photo-worthy wall equals a steady flow of customers. Taking that concept to a residence is not that far of a stretch. For social media enthusiasts, it doesn’t get easier than a having a prime photo spot just around the corner from their bedrooms. “I think we’ve seen it really all over,” she says. “A wall of succulents, a reclaimed wood wall or brick wall. You almost create a destination in your own house. I’ve seen that, and social media influencers are pushing it as well.”

3 – Fun, photo-op decor

Instead of scattering small decor items around the house, folks will be investing in big, singular and striking pieces that demand the attention of anyone perusing through social media (and also, stir up some major design envy).  “Interesting, unique pieces that create a photo [opportunity],” says Lori. “Things that photograph well, like a really fun chair or a really crazy table or an old-school turntable. A piece that looks good in person, but really looks good in photos. Again, people want to show it off.”

4 – Light-drenched spaces

Every avid Instagrammer knows that lighting makes or breaks a photo— which is why curtain-less floor-to-ceiling windows will become even more of a desirable home feature that it is now. “People want as much light as can come in. They want all windows. We’re doing a house now and we’re stacking windows. A full window on top of a full window, so [the space] is flooded with natural light. People can’t get enough of that. And I think I agree. Natural light makes a room and a house more open and fresh and clean.”

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