When Ben Davis started walking across the country—a 3,100-mile, 7-million-ish-step trek that would take him just shy of five months to accomplish—it was, for all intents and purposes, for himself, to see if he could do it. Over the course of his journey, he received no small number of messages of hope and inspiration from strangers. But there was one in particular that stood out: one from a young woman whose life had been marred by tragedy, and who’d decided to change her path as he changed his

Magazine Writer of the Year, Best Magazine Profile Writing | 2017 Great Plains Journalism Awards

Gold, Magazine Writer of the Year 30,000 or more APR | 2017 IRMA Awards

Gold, Profiles | 2017 IRMA Awards 

It’s hard to pinpoint, exactly, the origins of what we know today as the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra. But one thing’s for sure: There’s never been a shortage of talent—or tenacity

Did you know racing pigeons can be trained to fly up to 90 miles per hour? Well, then you clearly don’t know Bubba Wilson

Visitors may have noticed the likeness of an older woman, captured in oils and photographs, keeping vigil over the rooms and halls of the Historic Arkansas Museum. For those unfamiliar, her name is Louise Loughborough, founder of the museum. And it’s all because of her

On stage, ballerinas appear seamless, but peek behind the scenes and you’ll see their relentless pursuit of perfection

A tornado, a fire and some 162 years of wear and tear have pushed one of Little Rock’s most historic homes to the brink. Here’s how the Quapaw Quarter Association and the city are trying desperately to bring it back

1st place winner, Diamond Journalism Awards | Magazine Narrative/Feature Writing 





  • Worthy Craws: Chef Brian Deloney knows there’s only one way to celebrate the warm weather—by boiling up a pot of mouthwatering mudbugs | Published in: Arkansas Life magazine
  • The Wine Enthusiast: It’s a delicate art, sniffing out a wine’s nuances on the nose and tasting its complexities—but sommelier-slash-wine-educator Kenneth Lipsmeyer can show you how | Published in: Arkansas Life magazine
  • Ranch House Lassoes a New Chef | Published in: Edible Ojai & Ventura County
  • Nesting In Ojai | Published in: Edible Ojai & Ventura County


  • Worth It: In Fort Worth, it all boils down to world-class art and architecture, good food, camaraderie—and cowboy hats
  • The Lowdown on Lowest Greenville: It’s a can’t-miss for foodies and, quite possibly, your new favorite Dallas neighborhood


  • Delicate Cycle: On moving and the places we leave behind | Published in: Arkansas Life magazine




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