Feature | The First Step

Magazine Writer of the Year, Best Magazine Profile Writing | 2017 Great Plains Journalism Awards

Gold, Magazine Writer of the Year 30,000 or more APR | 2017 IRMA Awards

Gold, Profiles | 2017 IRMA Awards 

Feature | On the Verge

It’s hard to pinpoint, exactly, the origins of what we know today as the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra. But one thing’s for sure: There’s never been a shortage of talent—or tenacity

Feature | Top Flight

Did you know racing pigeons can be trained to fly up to 90 miles per hour? Well, then you clearly don’t know Bubba Wilson

Feature | Moving It Forward

A tornado, a fire and some 162 years of wear and tear have pushed one of Little Rock’s most historic homes to the brink. Here’s how the Quapaw Quarter Association and the city are trying desperately to bring it back


Wellness | Changing Tense

There’s stress—and then there’s 2020-related stress. Here’s how to cope with both

Wellness | We’ve Got Meditation on The Mind

Our wellness columnist on getting her om on.

Wellness | Will A Sensory-Deprivation Tank Float Your Boat?

Our columnist dips her toes in the salty water of a sensory-deprivation tank

Wellness | Salt Rooms Make Breathing So-dium Good

We’re saline away to the land of salt rooms

Wellness | I Tried It: Boxing

There’s a reason the sport’s undergoing a resurgence: It’s a knockout


LAFW AW19: Four Designers To Watch

Los Angeles Fashion Week‘s AW19 season, which took place at The Petersen Automotive Museum, showcased both established labels and lesser-known emerging designers, aka the folks who went with their gut, took a leap and made it happen.

How To Dress For The LA Opera (And What To Expect)

“Here’s the thing about the opera. It’s not a particularly low-key kind of leisure. Whether you’re an opera buff or someone doesn’t give a hoot about that kind of musical theater but try to keep to yourself, you can still agree with me on this: going to the opera is a special event.”

Five Arkansas Designers Dress Up

At a time when so much of the world feels as though it’s hanging by a thread, these five inspiring and inspired fashion designers are holding fast. Although none of them have been cut from quite the same cloth, they’re unified by a vision of what Arkansas fashion can be—which is anything at all

Where To Shop in Tbilisi, The Republic of Georgia

Unless you’re specifically flying out for the fashion, I wouldn’t recommend spending too much time hitting up those flashy shopping malls. (Really, the Zara there isn’t all that much different from the Zara back home, so don’t waste valuable vacay hours there). Instead, try to weave these four unique, independent boutiques into your travel itinerary.

The Most Instagrammable Places in Newport Beach

Here’s our cheat sheet to hitting up all the right spots in hopes of finding the most Instagrammable places in Newport Beach.

Travel & Food

Orange Crush

From Ayres Magazine: For this “Assignment Ayres,” we tasked our writer with squeezing the best out of Orange County, hopping among three of our very different hotels and destinations.

A Round-up Of Special Prix-fixe Menus In Newport Beach

After two weeks of indulging in phenomenal food—several courses of it, if you will—now we’re back to, well, normal dinners or, worst of the worst, staring blankly at an empty fridge. So how do we cope, you ask? By sussing out some brilliant prix-fixe menus that are available now in Newport Beach.

Worth It

After two weeks of indulging in phenomenal food—several courses of it, if you will—now we’re back to, well, normal dinners or, worst of the worst, In Fort Worth, it all boils down to world-class art and architecture, good food, camaraderie—and cowboy hats.

Remembering The Bardini Gardens in Florence

“Look down, and you’ll see a steep Baroque staircase—punctuated by statues—that reminds us of just how high up on a hill we actually are. I think I spoke too soon when I praised that first view. Never call anything “the best” in Italy, because chances are, you’re going to stumble upon something better and eat your words soon enough.” 

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