Penning vivid descriptions and turning tired phrases into something fresh and new is one of my biggest pleasures as a writer.

With a degree in magazine journalism under my belt, I worked as a magazine editor for several years before becoming a freelance writer in 2017.

The First Step

Magazine Writer of the Year, Best Magazine Profile Writing | 2017 Great Plains Journalism Awards

Gold, Magazine Writer of the Year 30,000 or more APR | 2017 IRMA Awards

Gold, Profiles | 2017 IRMA Awards 

Moving It Forward

A tornado, a fire and some 162 year s of wear and tear have pushed one of Little Rock’s most historic homes to the brink. Here’s how the Quapaw Quarter Association and the city are trying desperately to bring it back.

Top Flight

Did you know racing pigeons can be trained to fly up to 90 miles per hour? Well, then you clearly don’t know Bubba Wilson.

Will A Sensory-Deprivation Tank Float Your Boat?

Our columnist dips her toes in the salty water of a sensory-deprivation tank.

Worthy Craws

Maddie’s Place Chef Brian Deloney knows there’s only one way to celebrate the weather turning warm — and that’s by boiling up a pot of mouthwatering mudbugs, cher.

2,700 Liters of Water = One T-Shirt

How the style industry is fashioning a new approach to sustainability.

The Most Instagrammable Places in Newport Beach

Here’s our cheat sheet to hitting up all the right spots in hopes of finding the most Instagrammable places in Newport Beach.

Visiting Death Valley during its hottest summer in 100 years

Have you ever smelled heat? The musk of molecules bumping into each other in a frenzy? Have you ever felt the rim of your nostrils prickle, the short, thin hairs along its walls catch fire? Well, if you ever venture out to Death Valley during the summer, you will. 

A Guide to Picnicking in Newport Beach

If you think orchestrating a picnic is too much of a hassle, don’t fret. You bring the plaid blanket—we’ll supply you with ideas on where to throw it down and where to pick up the appropriate grub.