Content Creation – Services

Starting a business? Building a brand? Phew. That takes a lot of work—and good content. You know, the kind that speaks to your potential clients and stops them in their tracks. Whether you’re looking for someone to pen weekly blog posts for your website, massage the text on your landing page or whip up some well-crafted biographies that showcase just how cool you are, I’m here to help.  

My fees are based on the average prices listed in the 2019 Writer’s Market.

Blog Posts: $150 – $300 per 700-900-word post, depending amount of research needed.

Advertorials: $1.92/word or $550/page

Press/news release: $297/page

Book copyediting: $4-6/page

Ghostwriting, no credit: $1.65/word
Article manuscript critique (magazine features): Depends on project, contact for details

Magazine features: $1.2/word

Transcribing interviews: $2/minute

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